​It can be confusing finding your way around any new group of people and one of the most common hurdles is not knowing what they are talking about. So we have included this simple guide to what we mean when we use these terms. We will keep updating the list to best reflect our meaning. We hope that just looking at a few definitions helps you understand us better and makes it easy to feel welcome here.

All In/On the Mission

Describes someone who has totally committed (emotionally, spiritually, financially, and practically) to advancing the work of Jesus Christ at Canyon Creek Church to see the whole world reconciled back to God and worshipping Him in joy. Often used to describe our owners.


Simply means to change the fundamental nature of something by immersion in water. Baptism is the oldest rite of the Christian Church. Jesus himself was baptized by John to establish its sanctity. Since then billions of Christians have likewise been dipped or sprinkled with water as an outward sign that they share in the death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.


A campus is a site where the people of Canyon Creek regularly gather to worship. It could be a school, a traditional church, a shop or warehouse. We hope there is a campus in your city.

Central Campus in Mill Creek

Canyon Creek Church is made up of a Central Campus in Mill Creek and campuses (see below). The Central Campus anchors an the region and may support up to as many as 10 campuses.


The Church is the people who love and follow God. That’s it. The building they meet in might also be called the church, but it is not a church until it’s full of people!

Closed Fist and Open Hand Issues

We hold very few things to be absolutely true and non-negotiable for us, for example the divinity of Jesus and the trustworthiness of Scripture. But many other contestable items we hold in an open hand, trusting God to build a diverse community of people wholeheartedly worshipping with their lives. Open hand issues might include: days of worship, positions of prayer, attire, what you eat or drink or do not, tattoo, dancing, yoga, movies, etc.


On the night before Jesus gave His life on the cross for our behalf, He gathered all His closest companions and shared a Passover meal with them. During the meal He took the bread and wine and taught His people that the bread was a symbol of His body that would be broken, and His blood a sign of his grace and salvation by faith. We do not believe we are eating actual flesh and blood, nor do we believe Communion conveys some ability to wash away sin. We do it so that we never forget what our freedom cost and never fear that it was enough to save us.


DISCOVER is an easy way for you to get to know us and find out where you belong here. It is designed to walk you through four easy sessions conveniently offered every Wednesday. DISCOVER 101 is offered every first Wednesday by our Lead Pastor Brandon Beals as a basic introduction to the mission and values of Canyon Creek Church. Then on every second, third and fourth Wednesday, DISCOVER 201, 301, and 401 walk you through Maturity, Mission and finally Membership at Canyon Creek Church. We have tried to make this an easy and fun way to get involved. Each session can be taken at your own pace and we really suggest just getting started with 101 to see what’s going on.

Guest Stop

Is located by the main entrance of every campus. It is the best place to get more information, meet pastors, and ask questions about Canyon Creek and our programs. We hope to see you there after a service.


Ownership (also known as membership) at Canyon Creek refers to those people who have completed the DISCOVER Process, signed the Ownership Covenant and been approved by our deacons. Many people faithfully attend and serve without being owners. It is however, our ultimate goal to share that commitment with all who call Canyon Creek their home.

REACH Initiative

Over the lifetime of Canyon Creek, we hope to plant 100 more churches, all over the world, full of people who love God and are reaching others. Each year Canyon Creek Church derives all of its resources from the faithfulness of those who attend church here. Regular tithes and offerings support the operations of the churches and then annual REACH pledges helps us serve, love, build, plant, acquire and improve more locations for more churches for more mission!


To repent literally means to turn around and move in a new direction. To be sorry is one thing, to genuinely turn away from it and pursue what is right – that is repentance.


To be saved means to be at peace with God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This life is saved to be lived with purpose and joy in intimacy with your maker. The next life is saved from condemnation and delivered into a new and perfect eternity in fellowship with God, unity with humanity, and creativity unleashed from brokenness.

Satellite Campus

A satellite campus is supported by a regional Hub campus. A satellite has its own pastoral staff, but the primary teaching comes from the regional hub campus. Satellites allow us to fit into communities instead of building bigger churches to draw people into.


Sin literally means “missing the mark,” borrowed from a first century archery term. It suggests our innate inability to get it just right. Sin is a problem because it denies God, hurts us, and sows destruction in the lives around us around us. It makes perfect sense that our loving Father would want to keep us from “sinning.”


Unchurched simply means those who have no experience with the church at all. It’s not derogatory, it’s simply descriptive. We want the unchurched to come check out the church at Canyon Creek.


Is the act of adoring and honoring God. In truth the Bible calls on us to make our whole lives worship, but in the church the word is often reserved for corporately signing songs and praying to God. At Canyon Creek, you will notice we start nearly every service with this kind of worship, to unite us together, to focus are hearts and minds, and to create an atmosphere where God is welcome and we are aware of him. At CCC, we love to worship.


A time in your life where it seems like anything that can go wrong does. We believe that if you will faithfully walk through the suck, God will often reward your faithfulness with great insights about who He is and how He works in your life. If you are willing there are many invaluable lessons included in the Year(s)-of-Suck.