Humble Beginnings

Canyon Creek Church started as a final graduate school project for Brandon. He wrote his master’s thesis on how he would pioneer a church and what that church would be like, never in his wildest dreams imagining that he would actually take the leap of faith to do it. He remembers believing that there were two ways to pioneer a new church; have another church birth a new church or find 50 radical people that were willing to try something crazy for Jesus and just go for it.

In January of 2004, with the help and support of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, 50 radical people stepped out in faith and Canyon Creek Church began. We started having informal gatherings at our newly rented office at the Mill Creek Office Park. Those initial gatherings quickly grew to over 100 people and a new meeting place was needed. We rented Heatherwood Middle School and officially launched a service on Sunday, February 9th 2004.

Those initial months were exciting as everything we did was a “first.” We had our first communion, our first baptisms, our first members, our first Easter, and our first BBQ (of many might I add!). By the fall of 2004 we had grown to the point where a second service was a necessity and it was becoming obvious that we would soon need to find a different meeting place for our growing new church. It was May of 2005 when we started meeting in Jackson High School. Our first service at Jackson saw over 300 people gather and worship with us. Then in 2008, we officially bought, remodeled and moved into our first building on Ash Way in Lynnwood.

In February of 2009, Canyon Creek Church celebrated its 5 year birthday, and in the late fall of that year, we purchased 17 acres for our future growth! That was a huge miracle, but didn’t solve our immediate growth needs, so in the January of 2010 the staff of CCC moved offsite and we began our 2nd remodel of the Ash Way building.

With continued, unprecedented growth (and standing room only Sundays) CCC walked right into God’s next miracle for us. In January of 2011 we voted to acquire our Everett / Mukilteo location near Boeing in Everett. Part of the miracle of acquiring this building was that, at 3 times the size of Ash Way building, it not only accommodated all of our capacity needs but we got to keep our 17 acres on Hwy 9 for our future growth too!

In March of 2013, Canyon Creek went multi-site and launched our first campus in a school in Mill Creek/Snohomish. The intention at the time was to move this campus to our Highway 9 property once a building was built to create a HUB for Canyon Creek. Little did we know that a multi-site campus model was being born at Canyon Creek with the launch of this Mill Creek/Snohomish campus. This was confirmed shortly after in 2013, when we also acquired a church on the Palouse in Moscow, Idaho allowing us to launch a second campus.

With a growing heart for planting campuses, in the fall of 2013 we launched our “REACH Initiative.” REACH is now a key component to Canyon Creek accomplishing our mission and encompasses supporting global missions, local mission/community outreach and church planting (with the goal of planting 100 churches in our lifetime).

As all three of our campuses continued to grow, costs to build on our Highway 9 property became insurmountable, so on June 2, 2014, the members of Canyon Creek Church voted unanimously to sell the property. This left part of our “main campus” at our Everett/Mukilteo location, and the other part in a school in Mill Creek. But God is faithful and He of course had a plan. In October of 2015, using the proceeds from the sale of the Highway 9 property, we secured a building IN Mill Creek. Being inside the city limits of THE city we originally planted Canyon Creek was a dream realized.

We quickly remodeled that building from top to bottom and on January 31, 2016 we re-opened with a permanent home for our Mill Creek campus. By the end of 2016 we recognized that having 2 “main campuses” (in Everett/Mukilteo & Mill Creek) was not feasible and the facility/operating expenses for our Everett/Mukilteo Campus was a roadblock for its continued growth. For that reason, in November 2016, we made the courageous decision to sell our Everett/Mukilteo building and “marry” our 2 main campuses at our facility in Mill Creek—finally creating a Central Campus.

Along the way, because of our commitment to church planting, we launched a church in Costa Rica pastored by Canyon Creek missionaries and launched both a Saturday night campus & a Lynnwood campus. In January of 2017, those campuses relocated to Everett Community College & Mukilteo respectively, and are both thriving.

2018 plans for Canyon Creek include tearing down the current Central Campus building and using the proceeds from the sale of the Everett/Mukilteo building to fund building of our new Central Campus on the back half of our current property (slated to open in the fall of 2019!). Our Everett Campus has purchased a permanent home in North Everett that they are remodeling and will move into this year as well.

Canyon Creek Church has seen a lot of changes since our beginning years, but one thing has always stayed the same…we want to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread rapidly. It is an exciting adventure to be on and we invite you to come and join us as our journey continues and our history unfolds!