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Who We Are:

The Canyon Creek Church School of Ministry & Leadership (SOML) exists to develop servant-hearted, Biblically-literate, spiritually-disciplined leaders who are practically prepared for ministry in the local church and for life outside of it.

SOML Students Are:

Passionate Followers of Jesus

  • Study the Bible over the course of 2 years
  • Gain an understanding & love for God’s Word
  • Grow in faith & relationship with Jesus

Culturally Relevant Ministerial Leaders

  • Understand culture & how it affects the church
  • Learn how the church can impact the culture
  • Grow in practical & ministerial leadership
  • Serve the local church & community

SOML is a Life-Changing Community Where YOU Belong

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SOML Students are Northwest University Students

SOML has strategically partnered with Northwest University (NU) in order to provide students with an excellent private Christian education. NU is an accredited Christian Liberal Arts University that is a perennial Best Regional College award winner of U.S. News and World Report.

A typical west coast university is between $32-40k per year in tuition. At a cost of $9,755, SOML students receive their education and degree from NU at a fraction of the cost.

At under $10,000 per year, SOML is a quality education at an affordable price.

Practicum Options:

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Creative Arts (worship/media/sound/lighting)
  • REACH (local outreach & global missions)
  • Youth Ministry

Practicum students experience hands-on training in their chosen area of study while receiving college credit. Students can expect to serve approximately 12 practicum hours per week.

Learning Track Options:

  • 2-year Track: Students can graduate from NU with an AA degree & from SOML with 2 years of practical ministry experience & discipleship.

After a student completes both their AA degree from NU and the 2-year SOML track, we commit to helping place them in ministry if they do not plan on continuing their education

Students who plan to continue their education can remain in SOML‘s 4-year track, working toward their BA, or they can transfer to NU.

  • 4-year Track & Non-Traditional Students: Students can work toward their BA degree or further their education through NU while serving as an intern at Canyon Creek. Minimum of 5 intern hours per week required.

After completing a BA degree from NU and an internship at Canyon Creek Church, students can expect multiple opportunities for placement in ministry.

BA Degrees offered by NU & SOML include: Ministry Leadership, Psychology, Business Management & Organizational Management.

  • SOML Life: An internship and discipleship program, without the academic component (cost is $2,600), for anyone looking to grow spiritually and serve the church. See below for what SOML Life includes.


In addition to a quality education at a fraction of the cost, SOML Life is made up of multiple components to help you grow in life, leadership and ministry:

  • Daily Bible teaching
  • Mentoring by Pastor Brandon
  • Placement in ministry
  • Internships (some paid as available)
  • Local church (Canyon Creek Church is a fast growing, multisite church where students and interns will gather a multitude of practical ministry experience)
  • Staff interaction, inclusion and mentorship
  • Practical life coaching
  • Community with other SOML students
  • Practicum tracks that offer the opportunity to be mentored for ministry and gain real experience while earning college credit!

Check out the following links to see the schedule for a:

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How to know if SOML is the right fit for you:

  • God is leading you here.
  • You want an affordable 2-year or 4-year degree with practical training in leadership and ministry.
  • You want a BA in one of the offered degrees: Business Management, Ministry Leadership, Organizational Management, or Psychology.
  • You would like to be trained for ministry or would like to take a “gap year” and serve in ministry at Canyon Creek (without enrolling in NU).
  • You want to pursue your AA through SOML and plan to transfer to NU to complete your BA degree.

SOML may not be the right fit for you if:

  • You already have an AA and do not want one of the BA degrees offered.
  • You don’t have a heart for ministry in the local church (all SOML students should be ministry-hearted whether you are planning to go into occupational ministry or not).
  • You already know you want to attend another university besides NU after SOML.
  • You do better with, or prefer live teaching (SOML students take NU classes online).

Next Steps

  1. Both NU and SOML applicants, complete the School of Ministry & Leadership Application.
  2. Complete the SHORT online Northwest University Application.
    • This is a Northwest Partnership Program or NPP.
    • In the first block in the “Major” selection drop-down menu, choose “Associate of Arts.
    • Your “NPP Partner” is “Canyon Creek Church.
    • Select your “student type” based on the options given.
    • Under “Previous Education” please be aware this includes both college and high school education. In addition, you may find that your high-school is spelled differently than you expect, so take care to find the correct entry. For example, Snohomish High School is only listed under “Snohomish Senior High School.”
    • You may need to select “add more schools” to complete your education history.
  3. Complete the biographical essay (New Students Only) and upload HERE.
  4. Send your Christian Friend and Pastoral Reference the associated link below for them to complete:

  5. Click HERE to pay the $50 application fee for the School of Ministry & Leadership (required for application to SOML).

If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 425.582.2366, extension 6
  • Address:

    Canyon Creek Church
    Attn: School of Ministry and Leadership
    15117 Main SE Suite B205
    Mill Creek, WA 98012

Important Dates & Links

Important Dates

  • You can start filling out the FAFSA: before October 1, 2019.
  • Financial Aid Priority Deadline: June 15, 2019.
  • SOML applications available: Now.
  • SOML applications due: June 1 2019.
  • Fall orientation: August 25, 2019.
  • Fall classes start: Tuesday, August 26, 2019.
  • Fall Semester Registration Deadline (SOML Life Students Only): August 23, 2019. Pay Here
  • Spring Semester Registration Deadline (SOML Life Students Only: January 12, 2020. Pay Here
  • To begin the registration process at NU click here

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