Becoming Venture

Jul 2019

Becoming Venture:

Canyon Creek Church celebrates 15 years of ministry in 2019, and as we open our new Central campus building in late 2019 we are also entering a new season….we are becoming Venture Church.

Venture means a risky or daring journey or undertaking and that word sums up our 15 year history: one daring journey with Jesus after another. We are looking ahead to the next 15 years and we are believing God is going to have us do even more risky, courageous, daring things in our future.

Our church is still going to be who we’ve been, our values (mission, community, generosity) and the spirit of our church will remain exactly the same. But we are taking this month to talk about the things that will really help make sure we are who was say we are: that we are a church that is daring and courageous.

Join us, as we become Venture.